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Don Manzullo HeadshotDear Friend,

This past September I had the opportunity to attend Gary Caruana’s kick-off event for his campaign for Winnebago County Sheriff. I have known Gary for many years and have been impressed by his sincerity, his honesty, and his leadership skills and grasp of the issues at hand. That’s why I am supporting Gary’s campaign for Sheriff.

Gary has 8 years experience as a Sheriff’s deputy with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office. In addition to hands on law enforcement experience, he has a couple of decades worth of business and management experience as head of security for United Parcel Service in Illinois which includes the Rockford Airport hub.

At UPS, Gary managed hundreds of people and was an intricate part of the logistics of moving tens of thousands of packages and hundreds of drivers on a daily basis. Gary also managed the relationship between UPS and dozens of other law enforcement agencies including the monumental security issues that resulted in the post 9/11 terrorist attacks. Gary has a proven record of working with others in order to tackle the problems that come up.

Winnebago C ounty is fortunate to have a man of Gary Caruana’s stature and experience step forward to tackle the number one issue in Rockford and Winnebago County: Crime. The county needs innovative and creative solutions to this devastating problem and that requires a candidate who can manage resources and coordinate with all of the law enforcement agencies within the county in addition to state and federal agencies. Gary Caruana has that experience and can get the job done.

I am asking that you too consider supporting Gary Caruana for Winnebago County Sheriff. I know, as a former candidate myself, that people like you are critical to the success of any campaign. I want Gary Caruana to be successful in his campaign because I believe that he can be successful in combating crime in Winnebago County. I am asking you to join me in helping to elect Gary Caruana.

I hope to see you on the campaign trail with Gary Caruana and thank you for your consideration of his candidacy.

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